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Improving Your Comfort in Your Home

Professional Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Are dust and other allergens making you uncomfortable in your own home? Call on the team at Mainard & Sanders Heating and Air Conditioning to inspect and evaluate the quality of your home's indoor air. Using the most advanced diagnostic tests, we can complete an entire house and health comfort analysis to pinpoint any issues with the quality of your home's air. Once we are done, we can recommend any necessary improvements to improve your indoor air quality.
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Initial Home Comfort Evaluation

First, you will sit down with one of our comfort and indoor air quality specialists. If you feel your home needs to be dusted very often or your AC system is making some roofs feel clammy, let us know. Once we have discussed these issues with you, we will begin our inspection.
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Total Indoor Air Analysis

Next, we will evaluate your HVAC equipment for any signs of deterioration, improper installation, or lack of maintenance. Your system's air filtration and purification efficiency will be checked. Our specialist will visually inspect the insulation levels in your home and see if they meet the recommended standards. We will also check for any hidden defects and examine your attic ventilation levels. An infiltrometer blower door test will be conducted, allowing our technician to locate the worst air leaks. Then we will conduct "static pressure" tests to see if there are any problems with your home's air duct system.

Personalized Solutions

Once the evaluation is complete, our specialist will discuss the results of the testing with you. You will receive a prioritized plan of any recommended improvements. This service is designed to improve your indoor temperature and humidity, reduce any indoor air impurities, and lower your operating costs to save your money on your utility bills and prevent costly repairs.
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